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Are Tatcha creams worth the money?

So, I’m assuming you’ve heard of Tatcha if you’re reading this post. If you haven’t heard of them, how’s the rock you’re living under? Kinda jealous that you’re doing your own thing so well. Because it’s hard to have never heard of Tatcha, especially the famous Water Cream. I’m sure you’re wondering if these moisturizers […]

Tan remover . . . does it work??

If you’ve ever used self tanner, you know that it’s amazing. When you aren’t getting in the sun very much but you still want that glow its what you’ve gotta reach for. But a few days later, it can start looking reallllyyyy rough. Especially if you’ve got dry skin like yours truly and you don’t […]

My Top Hair Products

The secret to amazing hair is having an arsenal of products to keep your mane well-kept. I personally have fine curly hair and I live in a dry climate, which means my hair can be fun to deal with. In order to keep frizz and breakage away I have to take some special precautions, and […]

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