Are Tatcha creams worth the money?

I mean they come with a gold spoon so there’s that…

So, I’m assuming you’ve heard of Tatcha if you’re reading this post. If you haven’t heard of them, how’s the rock you’re living under? Kinda jealous that you’re doing your own thing so well. Because it’s hard to have never heard of Tatcha, especially the famous Water Cream.

Just look at that packaging!

I’m sure you’re wondering if these moisturizers are worth the hype. Because I doubt many of us have $68 just burning a hole in our pockets (yes, thats how much they cost!)

Honestly, my opinion might be unpopular but I think that The Water Cream is overrated. Yes, it really does feel like water like the name suggests! And like water, it doesn’t do much to your face. I don’t know about you but I like to actually feel like there’s moisturizer on my face. And this cream is so lightweight that it immediately soaks into your skin and feels like nothing is there.

Maybe it’s because I have dry skin though and I like something a little bit more intense. I felt like my skin was still a little too tight-feeling with this product. So my oily-skinned friends – let me know if you completely disagree with me because I feel like The Water Cream is more for you.

The Dewy Skin Cream: it’s The Water Cream’s wealthy cousin. It’s oh so rich and moisturizing. Not to mention that lusciously subtle purple color it receives from Japanese purple rice. I haven’t heard as much hype about this cream but trust me, it’s worth the money.

I have a hard time finding a cream that’s intensely moisturizing but isn’t too thick and just sits on top of my skin clogging my pores. This cream feels heavy enough to feel like you have a rich cream on when first applied, and then soaks into your skin without leaving a residue.

I feel like most of the hype surrounding The Water Cream is because it actually feels like water on your skin. It has a cooling, ultra-lightweight feel on your face – so if you have oily skin and you don’t like having much moisturizer on your face I feel like this product is for you. But for everyone with dry skin I highly recommend The Dewy Cream. It really will leave you with a dewy glow.

Plus you get a nice little gold spoon to apply your product with that you get to keep afterwards and reuse. I’ve never had such a luxurious applicator before and I love it. Maybe its just my bougie soul but it’s probably one of my favorite parts of my routine using Tatcha.

The legendary gold spoon ❤

Tan remover . . . does it work??

If you’ve ever used self tanner, you know that it’s amazing. When you aren’t getting in the sun very much but you still want that glow its what you’ve gotta reach for.

But a few days later, it can start looking reallllyyyy rough. Especially if you’ve got dry skin like yours truly and you don’t lotion properly even once. You literally start looking like snakeskin in a not-cute way. That cute tan glow just turns into patchy orange/pale skin that just isn’t okay. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s some images for an example:

So yeah, not cute am I right?

I’m normally really diligent about moisturizing, but I had a day before these photos were taken where I used an awful lotion that didn’t do anything for my skin. And it wrecked my tan.

I did all my normal exfoliating tricks in the shower but they weren’t removing the patches no matter how much I scrubbed! These methods included using a store-bought scrub, a homemade sugar scrub and scrubbing with a washcloth.

A very frustrated Alison went on the hunt on the internet for a way to remove this tan. I came across a few different YouTube videos reviewing tan removers, including this St. Tropez Tan Remover Mousse (not sponsored, just a brand I know of and trust).

The tan remover seemed to really work in YT videos, so I drove over to Ulta and picked up a bottle. My first impression was that the packaging is gorgeous: it has a rainbow-y iridescent look to it that’s hard to capture in photos but trust me it’s beautiful.

The instructions tell you to apply it liberally to your skin and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it off in the shower. It honestly didn’t smell awful but it also didn’t smell amazing. It had a really clean, chemical sort of smell if that makes sense. I went to town putting it on, putting several pumps of mousse on all my limbs and on my torso. When I rinsed it off, I had to really scrub it with a washcloth but it really worked! (The bottle recommends using a tan remover mitt to scrub it for best results but I didn’t have one on hand and honestly haven’t gotten around to trying one. If you think they’re worth it let me know in the comments, I’m still skeptical for some reason.)

This tan remover really works, just see the photo below for proof! No more patchy skin here 🙂

Here’s a link to purchase this tan remover I used on Amazon, you can also find it pretty much anywhere that sells beauty products (Ulta, Sephora etc.) This is an affiliate link so I’d really appreciate your support in using it!